Water by its nature is calm. When water is acted upon by forces such as wind, gravity, or displacement it can carry terrific energy. Afterwards, water returns to being calm. In our tai chi practice we seek to realize the water in our own nature. When we surf we connect with the energy of the wave. Both are paths to our true nature.

Wavecrest Tai Chi Chuan

Private and Group Tai Chi Instruction in Los Angeles

Inspirational and instructive videos of Master William Chen, Cheng Man Ching, and Dr. Tao are now available through this inexpensive, subscription channel; Content Galaxy. These are a helpful supplement to your practice.

Grand Master William CC Chen

    Michael Krubiner has been a student of the Cheng Man Ching/ William CC Chen lineage of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan since the early 1970's. I started at Professor Cheng's Shr Jung school in New York City. My teachers include Professor Cheng's senior students: Maggie Newman, Ben Lo, Tam Gibbs, Ed Young, Da Liu, and Lou Kleinsmith. 
    Since 1978 I have been a disciple of Grandmaster William CC Chen, one of Professor Cheng's most celebrated senior students. I continue to study with Master Chen.
    Since 1994 Master Chen has certified me to teach: the 60 movement Tai Chi form, Push-hands, Sword, and free fighting. I am now  based in Los Angeles California, 91607.  
    I work with students at all levels of practice, for individual or group lessons.
    Please visit Master Chen's website for more information and credentials. www.williamccchen.com Also inquire about Master Chen's Winter workshop in Los Angeles.

    Contact me at mkrubiner@gmail.com